Tanzania – The Smart Village (For World Mobile Group)

In December 2019 I travelled to a remote village in Tanzania where World Mobile connected this Smart Village to the ...

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In March 2023 I trekked through the Nepalese mountains with a team from One Family Global to raise money for ...

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Mwajuma the Football Player, Zanzibar (For World Mobile Group)

Becoming one of the first players on a Women’s Football team allowed Zanzabari, Mwajuma Abdallah Abdillahi to feel accepted, showcase ...

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Isa the Kite Surfer, Zanzibar (For World Mobile Group)

This is Zanzibari kitesurfer and entrepreneur Ismael Abdilah or Isa for short. See how Isa went from fishing to flying, ...

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Aisha the DJ, Zanzibar (For World Mobile Group)

This is Zanzibari DJ and producer Aisha Bakary or Hijab DJ. Her passion for music led her to become the ...

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The Bicycle Repair Man

Shortly after lock down began last year I thought it would be an idea to start riding a bike; to ...

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The Zanzibar Coast

This is a series of images showing the diversity of the Zanzibari coastline.

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Portraits from Zanzibar

These are a series of portraits taken while in Zanzibar with the World Mobile Team – July 2021

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Fishermen of Zanzibar

This is a series of images of local Zanzibari fishermen. The fishermen sail out on the tide just before sunset ...

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