The Zanzibar Coast

This is a series of images showing the diversity of the Zanzibari coastline.

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Portraits from Zanzibar

These are a series of portraits taken while in Zanzibar with the World Mobile Team – July 2021

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Fishermen of Zanzibar

This is a series of images of local Zanzibari fishermen. The fishermen sail out on the tide just before sunset ...

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Pier Jumping – Zanzibar

These are a series of images from my last trip to Zanzibar where kids would jump from the pier in ...

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Zanzibar, Tanzania

These images were taken in April 2021 on the Tanzanian island of Unguja, better known as Zanzibar, named after it’s ...

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The Dutch Countryside

This is a series of images celebrating the Dutch countryside in and around Utrecht, Central Netherlands taken on cycling adventures ...

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Omir Bekali – Uighur Refugee

“Bekali, whose testimony as a named witness is included in the complaint filed to the ICC, told NBC News he ...

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