The Refugee Camps of Greece

After two months on the Greek island of Kos helping refugees and migrants as they crossed the Aegean Sea I headed for the Greek capital of Athens where I visited squats run by anarchists where many Syrian refugees held refuge. From there  I travelled by car from Athens through Greece stopping at over 25 refugee camps along the way, some of which were yet uninhabited but which were preparing for thousands of occupants in the coming days.

The four day road trip ended in Polikastro, a small town close to the Macedonia border and the famous Idomeni refugee camp where over 15,000 people waited for the border to open allowing them to enter the rest of Europe. Here I spent a month and a half working with various NGO’s and organisations helping the people in the camp and neighbouring EKO refugee camp, a gas station situated on the main road just 20km’s from the Macedonia border.