Marcus is a British portrait photographer living in The Netherlands.

Marcus has been internationally published in Forbes Magazine, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Dutch News, Bhaskar (India) and Corriere della Sera (Italy) amongst others and has had two front cover stories published in Property Week International.

“Wonderful pictures in highly challenging regions.”

– Greenpeace

Marcus continues to work tirelessly on his passion having had eight exhibitions and a paperback book published in Spain as well as exhibitions in Amsterdam, London and Milan. He has also raised thousands of pounds for charity through the sale of his works.

“Your compositions are very strong and you shoot with a really warm and compassionate eye.” 

– Lens Culture

In November 2017 Marcus spent a month working with Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh who were fleeing genocide from neighbouring Myanmar. He has returned again recently from  having spent another two weeks working with the Human Relief Foundation covering the Rohingya preparations for the Monsoon season.

In February he visited Ghana on assignment, again with The Human Relief Foundation working on a series of projects helping provide education and aid to local communities in the most remote and poverty stricken areas of the country.

On June 5th, Marcus will be heading to the refugee camps of Jordan, again supporting the Human Relief Foundation with their incredible work .

“A truly talented and compassionate photographer with the ability to explain a humanitarian situation with a single image.

– Nizar Dahan (International Project Co-ordinator – The Human Relief Foundation)

Marcus’ clients include The Human Relief Foundation, One Family, Rock the Jumpsuit, Supermegaflex, Property Week International, Wyevale Valley Garden Centres, Four Communications, Matt Cardle, Beaux Health and Dresscode.

Marcus is DBS certified for the UK and Internationally and holds certificates from the UNSS for basic and advanced security procedures in the field.

Marcus is represented by So-Pa Images in Hong Kong, Barcroft Media in The United Kingdom and Hollandse Hoogte in The Netherlands.

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