Soft-shell Crab farming in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Soft-shell Crabs are produced by keeping individual crabs in plastic boxes in brackish water ponds, feeding them locally available raw fish and harvesting them right after they molt (Lose their outer shell).

Production is very new in Bangladesh, mostly in the Cox’s Bazar region, on a limited-scale and farming is totally dependent on seed stock collected from the wild, mostly from the Sundarbans and other mangrove areas.

Crab farming has been taken up by 5,000 families living along the coastal rivers of Bangladesh. Around 8,000 collectors earn their living by supplying crabs, available year round, to the farmers.

Families living in eight boroughs of Cox’s Bazar District are earning big profits from small investments in crab farming.

Families can earn over $5,000 a year from farming crabs in one-hectare ponds that are not suitable for fish farming and large crabs can be sold to buyers for $0.77 to $1.00 each, the buyers then exporting them to Taiwan, Hong Kong and China where the profit margins then increase ten fold.

– Pictured here, a Soft-Shell Crab farmer tells us about the business and how they export all their produce to the very high demand of international markets. –