The Remote Villages of Northern Ghana

This series of  images were taken throughout a number of  remote villages in Northern Ghana during February 2018.

Most of these villages have no clean water supply and where there are clean water wells people have to walk for miles through the extreme heat of the desert to collect it.

I was accompanying the Human Relief Foundation to these remote villages where their mission is to build deep water wells and schools for the local communities.

We visited one village who’s well had just been completed and seeing the joy in the peoples’ faces was overwhelming. Instead of a 10km walk each day they now had a continuous supply on their doorstep.

When we told people about our lives back home and how we had water, hot and cold, which came from taps in every household, they could hardly believe their ears.

What seems such a simple thing that we all take for granted, for the people of Northern Ghana is a lifeline in the truest sense of the word; and what is more staggering is that their warmth and generosity stretches further than from anyone I’ve ever met; from a people that have so little.